Salamun Alaykum Sisters;

Dear valued Skincare Lovers,

BEAUTY MUSLIM is going to hold 2 Party Event WORKSHOPS for Muslim Woman.

For ALL the interested parties, please register in advance while seats are limited.

The Course Fee is $25.- per Person. There will be Lunch and Drinks available included in the Fee.

BEAUTY MUSLIM will give you 100% Organic Halal Products (Toner & Cream)

We will show how to apply and take care of your Skin with our 100% Organic Halal Muslim Beauty Products and at the end you can take the Products Home with you.

Please fill out and submit the Form with this information below to guarantee your Seat in the upcoming Party Event WORKSHOP.

Name & E-mail, Address, along with the following Data: How many People will attend? How did you hear about us? Phone Number?

(The Information that you enter will ONLY be used for our Internal Database. We will NOT distribute it to third Parties)

Thanks for filling out the Form and will get back to you with a confirmation.


The WORKSHOP consist of the followings:   Time: 2:00 pm – 6pm

Reception; Introduction and Gathering



How to apply the Cleansers?

How to apply the Toners?


How to put and use the Natural Masks efficiently?

After the Mask we will show you

How to apply Serums correctly?

Q&A. We will have a Question & Answer to discuss your personal inquiries

Tea Break


Will show YOU; how to do professional Make-Up.

You can see the differences before and after.

Q&A. We will have a Question & Answer to discuss your personal inquiries

End Work Shop.

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